STATUS: Adopted January 26th 2020

Approximate Date of Birth: Dec 2005

ARRIVAL DATE: November 27th 2019

BREED: Domestic Long Hair

GENDER: Neutered Male

MEDICAL: Marvin will need frequent brushing to prevent matts. Marvin was treated for a urinary tract infection and is feeling much better now! He has received a full veterinary assessment including a blood work up. As with all senior kitties he will benefit from access to a cat water fountain and feeding a good quality canned food diet. Marvin has a spot on his eye that is of no concern right now (and doesn’t bother him in the least!) but adopters will need to monitor it for potential changes. If the colour, size or texted of the spot changes he may need to see an ophthalmologist.

Meow! My name is Marvin and it’s so nice to meet you. Well, hopefully you’ll consider meeting me once you read this. I’m a very handsome boy who has been through many changes and I’m ready to settle down in my furever home.

My story begins when I was just a little kitten … Hehe just kidding that’s too long of a read! I would like to tell you a little bit about my previous home. I lived with other kitties and I didn’t mind them too much. Dogs are still a bit scary to me, I may need a home with a quiet dog or perhaps a kitty only home. I generally kept to myself and spent my time thinking of how to get more cuddles from my human friend. I have a long coat and sadly I was not brushed too often, so when I came into the hands of my new caretaker I was badly matted. Do you think you’d like to brush me? I’d really love it! Mmm cuddles and brushing.

I have been learning to let my true snuggle bug shine while in foster care. I give kisses and gentle nips when I really like someone. Ear scritches and cheek rubs are two of my favorite things … Next is following you to bed in the hopes you’ll let me sleep close to you. As for food; well I enjoy eating. I’m a bit of a chunky boy, so you’ll need to help me lose a few pounds. I’m healthy overall though, so that always makes me purr.

I like to think of myself as a people person.. ahem.. a people cat if you will. I meow at the humans when I’m looking for attention and sometimes they give me catnip toys to play with! Now and then when my human isn’t looking I’ll grab her bookmark and try to show it who’s boss. I LOVE playtime! Maybe we could play together sometime? I’m truly a good boy who hopes to find a friend who wants to give me cuddles while watching our favorite t.v. shows. Please consider making me a part of your family!

See a video of Marvin on our YouTube Chanel.



STATUS: Adopted January 26th 2020

Approximate Date of Birth: Dec 2001

ARRIVAL DATE: November 27th 2019

BREED: Ragdoll x

GENDER: Spayed Female

NOTES: Samantha has stage 3 kidney disease and need fluids every other day and supplements in her high quality canned food. Sam is prone to matts and will need frequent brushing. Sam is almost completely deaf, although this doesn’t seem to affect her much. She appreciates seeing a visual of your hand before you touch her.

See a video of Samantha on our YouTube Chanel.