The Travelling Closet provided amazing photos of rescued pets to increase their chance of adoption. This program was open to our member shelters and rescues.

Volunteer photographers traveled to animal organizations across Ontario to help them get cute photos of their adoptable pets. We provided costumes and props to assist in getting the perfect photo!

Let’s take a look at an example of a bad photograph vs one that shows off the adoptable pet!

In this photo, Cleo isn’t shown in the best light (literally)! The sun is washing out her fur and she looks a bit grumpy. It’s hard to tell how pretty her eyes are.


Take a look at Cleo now! He eyes are a gorgeous green and her fur is glossy black. Her eyes are open and trusting and she looks a lot more friendly. Cleo was fostered for a rescue by Second Hope Circle’s project director. An awesome home was found and Cleo has now been adopted!


These photos were taken on the same day, near the same chair within 5 minutes of each other. Knowing how to use natural light, pet behaviour and minimal photo editing can make a huge difference!

Photos copyright Kimberley Richards 2013.

Page last updated August 2021