Pets are Family Drive 2020

Partnering with REN’s Pet Depot as a drop off location, we gathered pet related supplies and donations to distribute to local Guelph organizations. Second Hope Circle’s Covid assistance program, Pet Protect Guelph and Headwater’s Pet Food Bank all benefited! All of these programs aim to keep people and pets together and we were so happy to gets these items into the local community.

Research study into pets and poverty 2018

In an effort to improve our community programs and assist other organizations in improving theirs, project director Kimberley Richards decided to look into how pets effect the everyday lives of those experiencing poverty and precarity in Ontario for her masters thesis. Check out the results of this study and find out how pets literally save people’s lives!

Safe Sun Campaign 2014

In an effort to spread awareness about the dangers the sun can pose to pets left in cars or walking in the heat of the day, we began a Safe Sun program. By handing out SafeSun thank you cards to guardians who practised safes techniques, like walking their dog in the morning or evening when it’s cooler or bringing water along on a walk. The cards were made available online so other people could get involved and hand them out as well!


World Spay Day 2013-2015

The Humane Society of the United States (and International) started this campaign over 20 years ago! It aims to encourage spay/neuter initiatives and education on a global scale. On the last Tuesday of February; veterinary clinics, animal organizations and individuals lead programs, clinics and events to encourage responsible pet guardianship and spay/neuter.

To learn more about World Spay Day or register a Spay Day event, please check out

Through our desire to help reduce the number of pets being surrendered to animal organizations and bring affordable veterinary care to Ontario’s pet guardians, we began an initiative in support of World Spay Day.

We initially began this project in 2013 to see if vet clinics in Ontario would like to participate in this day either by:
1. Hosting a reduced cost or free spay/neuter day to either pet guardians or animal rescues
2. Encourage clients or businesses to donate and raise funds to sponsor spay/neuter surgeries
3. Provide resources and information to clients about spay/neuter leading up to Spay Day
4. New in 2015, we also encouraged vets to consider offering low cost microchips if they are unable to offer low cost spay/neuters.

In 2015 we stepped up our game and connected with every single veterinary clinic that was registered through the OVMA with an email address. Did you know there are over 1300 veterinary clinics in Ontario?!

Adoptions and Fosters

We are occasionally able to directly assist shelters/rescues and pet owners. We have helped find a foster home for a cat, who would otherwise have not been able to get into a rescue (as they didn’t have any foster homes available). We have temporarily fostered pets for some of our participating organizations and we have also assisted with transportation of pets to reputable organizations when their guardians were unable to transport them. In 2015 Second Hope Circle took in kittens in urgent need of medical care. We found them a loving home together after 7 months in foster care with us. So far this means we have directly helped 8 pets find loving homes.

Boots and Sammy were adopted in January 2016! We are so happy these two cuties found the best home possible!

FIV+ Cat Awareness Initiative

In partnership with The Feline Fund, we began to gather a list of interested adopters for FIV+ cats. We also promoted FIV+ cats and provided information. The Feline Fund has since disbanded but our passion for FIV+ cats is still going strong.

Listing Ontario’s Animal Organizations

In 2012 we helped compile a comprehensive list of animal organizations in Ontario that people could volunteer for, in partnership with Canada Universities Volunteer page. Over the course of the year we submitted hundreds of organizations in Ontario that accept volunteers! Check out the completed list here.

Santa Paws Drive Nomination

In 2011 we were able to nominate member organization, Sheba’s Haven Rescue, for the Santa Paws Drive. They were chosen and received $2000 worth of toys, treats and money for their palliative care dogs. Yay!

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