Pet Friendly Transit – Started 2020

Our pet friendly transit page is now live! We have started a list of pet friendly transit information and have made an interactive map accessible. Emily, an amazing co-op student spear headed this project, thank you! This information is helpful to out clients who may have difficulty finding transit for themselves and their pets. Plus we will be using this information to reach out to cities about how to increase pet friendly transit options for people in their community!

Fostering Senior Pets –  Started 2018

Fostering Senior Pets aims to educate and inspire animal lovers to try pet fostering and offers care tips for senior and animal needs animals. On Instagram and Facebook, you can follow along with Project Director Kimberley’s foster animals, gaining an intimate behind the scenes view into what it’s like fostering pets and taking care of senior and medical needs animals. Want to support the project? Check out the Amazon Wishlist!

Lost Pet Pages – Started 2013

To reduce the number of pets needing homes in Ontario we started  Guelph and Area Lost and Found Pets. We have two awesome volunteers that run the page. Ann keeps up with the day to day posting and advising for people who have lost or found a pet. Kim created and maintains a separate Twitter account, Guelph Lost Pets, to increase exposure of the lost and found ads! Since the page’s inception in 2013, our local Guelph Humane Society (GHS) has been using the page more and more to help reunite pets with their guardians. Amazingly their return rates for lost pets have increased. In 2013 it was 9% for cats and 77% for dogs. In 2014 it was 13% for cats and 77% for dogs. In 2015 it was 22% for cats and 100% for dogs. The GHS has told us our page was a big contributing factor to those improvements!

Ontario Pet News – Started 2013

There are so many animal news stories in our province that we started a page to collect and share them all! Stay in the loop and find out more about local animal organizations, animal cruelty and welfare, provincial decisions that affect you and more!

Page last updated August 2021