Travelling Library

The Travelling Library is a program that provides free and accessible books to pet guardians and animal organizations. It travels to different ‘host’ locations within Ontario and people are welcome to stop by and read the books. Host locations can be community centres, local nonprofit organizations, animal shelters, schools, businesses and more!


Our Library’s List of Books

Want to see what books we have in our library? Check out our list. We have more titles available than listed and are working on getting them all added.


Those interested in contributing to the Library can donate a book! Check out our Amazon wishlists below. We also welcome your own selection, perhaps a book you’ve read over and over? If you would like to donate a book in someone’s name we would be happy to include a dedication in the book and send them a card! Please contact us for more details.

Past Library Stops!

VegOut in London Ontario. This vegan restaurant was not only super delicious but a relaxing place to hang out. The books were up on top of the fireplace in the dining room just waiting to be read! August 2015 – March 2016. Unfortunately VegOut has closed their doors, but we are always looking for new places to host part of our Library!


10 Carden in Guelph Ontario. The Library stayed at 10 Carden, a local nonprofit, from Februrary – April 2015.


FAQs about the Travelling Library

Why did you start this program?

We get questions every day from pet guardians and animal organizations. They want to know where to get financial aid, how to fundraise, how to solve a behavioural problem, what is fostering, how do I care for a rabbit and so much more. We LOVE helping people find the resources and help that they need. One way we can do this is by providing free and accessible books!

Why is this program valuable?

Knowledge gives people the ability to make great choices! When someone is armed with the knowledge of how to properly care for their pet they can continue to make important decisions for that pet. When an organization finds how how to fundraise or advertise, they can only grow and get better! There are many places people can find information, like local libraries and the internet. We are not competing with these other great sources but simply supplementing the supply of information and curating a wonderful collection of books in a narrow field of study. We try to bring books to places where there aren’t any.

What is ‘Humane Education’?

Humane Education is a term generally used to describe teaching kindness and compassion for people, animals and the environment. Teaching people how to make the most humane choices for all living beings is an important aspect of improving conditions around the world. Teaching critical thinking skills is at the core of humane education. While our organization may focus on helping people and animals, it’s important to note that people, animals and the environments we live in are all connected! Our selection of books reflect these principles and we strive to have a diverse and friendly library.

How can I visit the Library or access your books?

Our Library travels around so it may be available in a community near you! To find out where our books are currently located, please click here or click the button at the top of this page. It will take you to a googleDoc with a list of all of our books and where they are currently located. If it says ‘Second Hope Circle’ then that book is currently not out in the community but can be available to borrow by snail mail. Please contact us for more information.

There is a book I really want to read, but you don’t have it, can I request a book?

Yes, you may send in a request for books. Knowing what people are interested in reading is very helpful! Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all requests but we will definitely consider them when we are able to acquire more books. The book will also be added to our Amazon wish list in case someone would like to donate that title to us.

How can I host the Library?

There are only a few requirements for hosting the library! You can build a hosting plan that works for you and your location. We can work together to figure out the number of books, whether you require shelving, subject matter, duration, promotion and more!

1. The location must be free and accessible (no cost to visit the library and any person can get into the building (ex. wheelchair accessible).

2. Together we will sign an agreement which outlines the terms of hosting (duration, commitment, etc)

3. Time commitments are variable! We love at least one month commitments, but are open to discussing week long visits and even weekend events!

4. Hosting is a mutually beneficial partnership between SHC and the host, no payment is required to host the library although we do accept donations!

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about how to participate in this community program!

What do we gain by hosting the Library?

There are a lot of benefits to hosting the Library and we love to make it is as enjoyable and useful to you as possible.

– We can provide the bookcase, shelving or book ends if required along with signage

– You can select general topics and even specific books you’d like to host. In this way you can select books that may already compliment existing programs, events or classes you offer. You can choose the number of books you have space for (and it’s okay if it’s only a few books!)

– We advertise all hosts on our Facebook page, website and in the google doc. You’ll get exposure to a large group of animal loving supporters who will appreciate that you’re involved with this program!

Do you need donations?

We can always use donations of books, bookcases, bookends and gas cards! While we focus on a specific subject matter of books, we welcome any and all donations. If in doubt please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your potential book donation.

We can also use donations of small book cases or magazine racks to supply host locations. Even book ends could be useful depending on the needs of a host location!

Gas cards are important since this is a travelling project! We would love to be able to set up sections of our library anywhere in Ontario! As you probably know, Ontario is a huge place and travelling to some parts may be beyond our reach without the generous support of donors.

Want to donate using paypal? Use this link.

I want to buy you a book, do you have a wish list?

We currently have a wish list started on Amazon with books that will increase the breadth of knowledge for our Library! First and foremost we prefer used books, since that is better for the environment and encourages sustainability. However if you would like to contribute a new book you are welcome to do so.

We are also able to support book dedications. We’ll write your dedication inside the book and send your recipient a card in the mail! It makes a wonderful present.

Amazon Canada:

If you have the option; please choose a used copy to purchase (we like trees too!)


Last updated March 2019.

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