Kijiji Out Reach


Have you ever wondered what happens to the animals posted on Kijiji in need of a good home? Unfortunately some animals never find that good home and instead face neglect or abuse. Our Kijiji Out Reach program counsels people who are re-homing animals or seeking advise on online classifieds. Our program’s goal is to provide resources and support without judgement to support both people and pets.

This initiative involves filtering through all of the pet related ads in Ontario and contacting individuals with resources and information that they might find helpful. Through our efforts, we have been able to help people find financial aid, lost/found pet resources, animal organizations to assist with surrendering or adopting a pet and helping people stay with their pets. It can be challenging at times. Seeing hundreds of animals being rehomed every single day through classified ads can be draining. When we get an email back saying that a resource we sent was helpful, it’s all completely worth it! Want to volunteer with this program? Contact us!
At SHC, we understand that not every situation can simply be fixed by an email. Yet through our efforts small successes have already been achieved! Stay tuned for our impact reports from this program. If you’ve been helped by a kijiji out reach email, we’d love to hear from you! Info @

What kinds of ads do we respond to?

1. I lost / found a pet
2. I need to find a new home for my pet
3. I’m trying to find a new home for my pet, so I’m giving them away for free
4. I want a new pet
5. I need financial help (veterinary care, supplies, food etc.)
6. I’m starting a new animal organization and need support
7. I want to get rid of this pet related item (that could potentially be useful to an animal organization)
8. I want to volunteer with animals


Page last updated March 2018

2 thoughts on “Kijiji Out Reach

  1. Sandra Gallant says:

    I am looking to adopt a cat and have asked many people on Kijiji if the animal is available and I don’t get a response..


    1. secondhopecircle says:

      Hi Sandra, We would be happy to refer you to a nonprofit rescue or shelter in your area if you are still interested in adopting. Send us an email with your location. Thanks!


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