Humane Education School Program

Would you like to bring humane education topics into your classroom, that meet curriculum standards for the Province of Ontario? We have several lesson plans we’d be happy to present, or can discuss your classroom’s needs and develop a tailored presentation just for you. We can currently accommodate classrooms in the GTA, Guelph area and London area. If you don’t live in one of these places, please send us an email anyway! We may be able to work together and find a solution. We are also happy to present to community groups, centres and seniors homes. Presentations are done by donation to support our work. Please contact us to get started!

We think education is a vital part of a comprehensive plan to help pets in Ontario. Humane education teaches the importance of being kind to people, animals and the environment. Our main focus is providing relevant information without telling learners what to think. Teaching critical thinking skills is just as important as the information we provide.

Does Second Hope Circle have any credentials to offer a humane education program?


We are a proud member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators. Kimberley Richards, our Project Director and Humane Educator is currently taking her masters in humane education as well.

Last updated March 2018

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