Fostering Senior Pets

Fostering Senior Pets aims to educate and inspire animal lovers to try pet fostering and offers care tips for senior and medical needs animals. On Instagram and Facebook, you can follow along with Project Director Kimberley Richard’s foster animals, gaining an intimate behind the scenes view into what it’s like fostering pets and taking care of senior and medical needs animals. Check out the Youtube account for in-depth videos that answer common foster care questions.

Want to support the project? Check out the Amazon Wishlist! The ultimate goal of this project is to expand into a senior and medical needs sanctuary and foster farm. Super Senior Cat Sanctuary will be a senior and medical needs rescue and sanctuary. Super senior cats (15+) are the priority. Many of these cats find themselves in shelters when their guardians are either unable or unwilling to care for them. Some shelters kill them due to lack of space, finances or presumed ‘unadoptable’ status. Yet senior and medical needs cats are incredibly loving, resilient and playful. They are just like younger cats and deserve love and attention. We will also take in farmed animals on a foster basis for respite and temporary fostering for other rescues and sanctuaries.


Sophia Loren, long term foster since October 2018 #18yearsold


Page last updated October 2019.

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