Colouring Book for Kids


Want to teach kids about pets with special needs? We’re working on a colouring book for kids! To get this project in motion we need help! Can you draw, write, edit, print, educate, advertise or fundraise? Sign up to receive updates on this project!

You can also contact us!

We began Second Hope Circle with the mission to help pets with special needs find homes. While we’ve adapted and changed over the years, pets with special needs are still very close to our hearts.

In an effort to increase the positive perception of special pets, encourage discussion about people and pets with special needs and provide safety tips for kids on how to approach and touch pets with special needs we are working on a colouring book.

The colouring books will be available for sale online and in person (at events we attend throughout the summer). We will operate on a one for one model, where for every book purchased another book is given to a school or children’s program.


The picture gallery above includes some of the inspirational pets with special needs we’ve met and cared for.


Last updated March 2018.

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