We would love to have you as a participating member of Second Hope Circle! We have several programs to help your organization thrive. Our Travelling Closet is a free photography program that will help you get adorable photos of your adoptable pets. We have a number of education resources available to you including our comprehensive library, fact sheets and more. You can promote your pets with special needs on our Facebook page. Member organizations are currently able to apply for emergency funding. You’ll also receive emails with helpful resources and when we have potential foster and adoptive homes we direct them to our member organizations first!

To learn more check out our Member Organization Handbook.


Want to sign up? Fill out and sign our agreement and we’ll go from there! SecondHopeCircle_Agreement_2016

(please note that if you are a registered charity or non profit, it is advisable for two board members to sign. Individuals and independent organizations are more than welcome to sign up, you only need one member to sign. Regardless please remember to fill out the bottom line “We ____ hereby agree” with your organization’s name.)


Last updated July 2016.