There are many many resources out there if you have lost your pet! We’ve listed a few quick tips and then below you can find websites and organizations to contact that will help spread the word about your missing pet. You can also list found and stolen pets.


Quick Tips

– If your pet has just gone missing, attempt to locate them – bring their fav food/toys (have a leash or towel handy as well), ask friends and neighbours to keep an eye out. Most animals stay near by!

– Never chase a dog or cat! Most animals that end up outside are scared and chasing/yelling at them can make things worse.

– Contact your local humane society, rescue, veterinarian with a description of your pet so they can keep an eye out as well and provide them a couple ways to contact you (*remember to continue to contact your animal shelter every day or two your pet is missing, this ensures they have up to date information and are thinking of your pet when new animals are coming in)

– Contact humane societies and animal controls in neighbouring towns! This is important because not only can pets travel, occasionally people may accidentally or purposefully transport pets to neighbouring cities. Make sure all of these organizations have a photo of your pet and contact information!

– Put up posters! Your neighbourhood, grocery stores, library, pet stores, shelters/rescues, vet clinics are all great spots (anywhere with a community board or a bit of space!)

– Post on every applicable lost/found pet website you can find! You can find a list below (remember to update them!)

– If it’s been more than a week I suggest even making your own Facebook page and share with all your friends. Lost pet pages can go viral and it will allow you to post updates and photos as well as contect with other organizations. You want everyone in your community to know your pet is missing and keep an eye out.

– We also recommend putting up large lost pet signs (neon poster board and wood stakes work well!) at your house, in your neighbourhood and major intersections near where your pet went missing, see the example below!




Try using more than one website, you can normally list lost/found/stolen pets. This is by no means an exhaustive list, please contact us if there is another website or organization that you know of.

*Please remember that once your pet is found you should update any listings you have created! 

All of Ontario:

Kijiji –

– While SHC does not recommend the internet sale of cats and dogs, Kijiji is a really useful resource for people that have lost pets, consider posting here first!

Helping Lost Pets –– One of the largest and most popular organizations out there, it sends your pets information to everyone in the area (including shelters) with printable posters and information, consider posting here first.

Parrot Alert –

– If you’ve lost your bird we recommend using this website, it sends out notifications to people in your area.

Bird Network Ontario –

Lost Pet Listing for Ontario

– Post a simple listing of your lost pet (no photos), updated regularly

Info Pet –

– Lost/Found pet listings for New Market and York Region of Ontario

Finding Fido-

– You can post lost dogs from across North America

Paws with Heart Listings –


Region Specific:

London Lost Pets –

PetLuck (Montreal/Ottawa and area) –

Parry Sound Pets –

Rainbow District Animal Shelter (Sudbury and surrounding area) –

Cats Anonymous Posting Lost Cats  (Guelph, Kitchener and north of this area) –

PetFind Toronto (Twitter) –

Niagara Falls Humane Society –

City of Pickering –

Glencoe Animal Shelter –


On Facebook

*Don’t see your city/region here? Consider creating your own region specific page. We’ll help you!

Second Hope Circle (FB)

(We are happy to courtesy post pets with special needs on our social media pages for you)

Lost & Found Pets Ontario (FB) –

Helping Lost Pets Find their Way Home Ontario (FB) –

Lost/Found Pets Grey Bruce (FB) –

Quinte Lost Dog Network (FB) –

– Lost dogs in Quinte, Bellville, Trenton, Tweed and surrounding areas

Lost/Found Pets of Kapuskasing Area group (FB) –

– Posts lost/found pets from Kapuskasing Ontario

Guelph Lost Pets Group (FB) –

Guelph Lost/Found Pets Page (FB)-– Run by volunteers of Second Hope Circle

Peterborough Lost and Found Pets (FB) –

Innisfil and Barrie Lost Pets (FB) –

Lost and Found Pets of Stratford Ontario (FB) –

Ottawa & Valley Lost Pets (FB) –

Kingston Lost Pets (FB)

Oshawa and Durham Lost Pets (FB)

Haliburton Lost Pets (FB) –

Simcoe Lost Dogs (FB) –

Lost and Found Pets Muskoka and Perry Sound (FB) –

Toronto Lost Pets (FB) –

Lost and Found Pets Oakville Ontario (FB) –

Lost Pets of York Region (FB) –

Brantford Lost and Found Pet Network (FB) –

Brant County SPCA Lost and Found (FB) –



Page Last Updated March 2nd 2019