500+ Ontario animal organizations are just a click away

This project started in 2011 and we were finally able to unveil it in 2015! We have collected a list of over 500 organizations that help pets, animals and pet guardians in Ontario. It is the most complete list of animal shelters and rescues you’ll find on the Internet, and also includes lists of wildlife rescues, sanctuaries, lost/found pet resources, pet food banks and more! This list is updated yearly.

Instructions for use:
Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.36.10 PMIn list view, you can search through all the organizations/locations by ‘sorting’. Hover over the column header (col C, col D, column descriptions etc. – font is blue & underlined) and click. This will sort the column in alphabetical order.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.31.31 PMYou can also use your computers ‘find’ function to search for a specific location or organization. On a mac this function is keying ‘command’ & ‘F’ at the same time on your keyboard.

Please note there are three spreadsheets! (You can find them at the very bottom of the page!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.27.57 PM

1. Pet shelters, rescues and sanctuaries.

2. Wildlife Sanctuaries and Rehabilitators

3. Animal Welfare and Advocacy Organizations

Want to add information? See something that is incorrect? Find a dead link or an organization no longer operating? Contact us!

*Please note that we have listed the organizations as we find them for the purposes of helping people and organizations connect. We have not screened organizations to ensure they are reputable. Please use your own discretion when getting assistance from an organization and if you have concerns feel free to contact us.

Page last updated March 2018