Second Hope Circle’s Emergency Fund

When funds allow, we provide financial assistance to pet guardians on a case by case basis. Our focus is on keeping people and pets together because we believe that pets are family. As our organization is small the amount of support we can offer is dependent on available funds. Unfortunately we are not able to help with costs already incurred.

We have just opened up a Covid19 Assistance Application. Please note this is directed at pet food, supplies and other smaller needs. If you are seeking financial assistance for veterinary care, read on to fill out the Financial Assistance Application.

We can also advise you on other organizations that help with financial costs for pets in Ontario, so please contact us to receive a one on one consultation.

To fill out an application for financial assistance, please submit our application online. You can also contact us for a PDF version. We encourage you to review our list of financial assistance organizations prior to filling out an application.

We do appreciate any and all donations to keep this program going! You can find out more on our Sponsorship page and Donation page.


During our COVID19 response in March 2020 we were able to help 9 cats, 11 dogs, 1 rabbit and 1 hamster through drop offs of food and supplies to families across Ontario. Many other people were referred to local services and found assistance. Pictured below are some of the animals we helped during this time.


“When we were faced with a diagnosis of maybe cancer in our 16 year old cat, Prince, and having no money to pay for a vet, Second Hope Circle came to our aid so that x-rays
could be done and for that we are very grateful.”

September 2018

“Helped me through expensive Special Vet prescribed Cat food! Thank You”

November 2018

In past years we have given out grants to member organizations so that they could provide emergency medical care for adoptable animals. The photos displayed here are all animals that have been assisted through our fund. Organizations were uncertain of where they would have sourced the funds if we had not been able to assist. Best of all, these animals have since been adopted!

Page Last Updated November 2020