Second Hope Circle is dedicated to keeping people and pets together in Ontario because we know pets are family.

We offer a range of programs to assist pet guardians across the province. Our main goal is to help keep pets in their loving homes and we offer judgement free support. If staying with your pet is not feasible we can refer you to many great organizations that can offer safe rehoming.

When possible we provide financial assistance for veterinary care, supplies, food, and training if that is the difference between keeping a family together and separation. However we primarily operate as a referral and education service, and have a wide network of organizations that can help you.

Many people contact us seeking help for;

  • Veterinary expenses
  • Food/supplies
  • Behavioural training
  • Guardian has passed away and family cannot keep pet
  • Adoption & fostering
  • Rehoming
  • Senior & special needs pet advice
  • Temporary foster care during a time of precarity (eviction, mental illness, homelessness, job loss, domestic violence)

Please contact us if you need support, we are here to help!

You can also fill in an assistance form online if applicable.

Covid19 Assistance Form (for smaller needs like pet food & supplies).

Financial Assistance Form (for larger needs like veterinary care).

Senior Cat Assistance Form (for behavioural advice and rehoming).

Last updated November 2020