Have you ever wanted to start your very own initiative to help people and pets? Have you scrolled through some of our pages and thought “They’re really missing a program that does __________!”

We’d love to collaborate with you to start your own project! We can offer guidance and resources when possible and you can head an entirely new program through Second Hope Circle.

Before you connect with us, try to have a basic idea of what you’d like to do. Not every detail needs to be hashed out, however you should have a general idea of:

  • Concept/mission
  • Potential costs (monetary, time, volunteers, supplies etc.)
  • Potential avenues of getting the above resources
  • Conflicts, barriers, obstacles that your project could face

We’ll help you brainstorm solutions, ideas and a master plan to help your program become a reality! Please use the contact form to get in touch.


Page last updated March 2018.