We are excited to share this fundraiser with you! The auction begins April 26th at noon and runs until May 6th at 8pm EST. 

All proceeds from this auction will be going to our Super Senior Cat Sanctuary program, helping cats age 13+ at risk of euthanasia.

Go to the auction page on Facebook. 


The auction is on Facebook. Winners can pick up their items in Brantford & Oakville. There will also be a Hamilton/Burlington drop off option and many items can be shipped/emailed. 

Thank you to all the businesses who will be donating to make this auction happen! We’ve included information about all the donors below, please visit their website and support them! They are also tagged on each item they’ve donated. 


Want to donate to our next auction? Volunteers are happy to pick up donations in Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville. Please get in touch if you’d like to donate! 


Page last updated April 2023