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3. Donate. Your donation will go towards keeping our programs running for those that need them most.

4. Tell a friend about our programs. Do you know someone struggling with a pet related issue like re-homing, financial costs, temporary foster care etc? We can help!

5. Volunteer. There are a number of different tasks that SHC can use your help for! Time commitment and difficulty level vary, let us know your skills and passions and we’ll match you with a job you’ll love! It’s really flexible and you’ll be making a difference in the lives of Ontario pets!

6. Become a community partner of our Travelling Library. Or donate books!

7. Contribute information. Do you know of an organization or resource that you think should be on the website? Are you are an experienced pet guardian or rescuer and want to contribute to an animal fact sheet. Or are you are a veterinarian who would like to participate in vet Q&A. Any contributions of this nature are amazing!

8. Have advertising space? Do you have advertising space on your website, business or newsletter? If you’re willing to donate advertising space to Second Hope Circle, even more people will find out about our programs! Contact us if you would like a small blurb or photo to go with it!

9. Spread Awareness. Do you have Facebook, Twitter or a blog? Why not donate your status or post to Second Hope Circle. Include our website link and maybe a sentence about what we do. Spreading awareness helps this us reach more people and pets with our programs. It could go something like this:

Second Hope Circle helps people and pets stay together in Ontario through humane education, community programs and financial aid! Check out their website to find out more about their resources or how you can help. http://www.secondhopecircle.org


Page last updated August 2018.