In the time of Covid 19, many events have been cancelled and traditional fundraisers are off limits. Usually we would be preparing for our annual yard sale, pet events throughout the summer and picking up empties across southern Ontario.

Instead we are developing virtual fundraisers!

Do you or your kids enjoy story time? How about story time with books about animals while surrounded by loveable cats?

We have posted our first Story Time at the Sanctuary!  Project Director Kimberley reads Mr Putter and Tabby, accompanied by Lucy an adoptable cat through our Super Senior Cat Sanctuary program. Check out this video on our YouTube channel.


If you enjoy this video and want us to make more; sign up to become a monthly donor on Patreon for as little as $1 a month. Or make a one time donation of $15 or more. For each monthly donor or one time donation we will film a new Story Time video! You’ll even get a shout out in the video if you choose, which could make a sweet gift for a special birthday.


Story Time at the Sanctuary youtube playlist. 


Last Updated May 2020.