We have a variety of donation packages available that will help keep people and pets together, and provide humane education across Ontario! If you would like to give a package as a gift, please provide us the name of the recipient, their email or mailing address and your name and message. We’ll be happy to send them a card!


Want to help keep people and pets together in Ontario? Consider making a one time or recurring donation to one of our sponsorship options!

Monthly Sponsor

Become a monthly sponsor and your money will go to wherever we need it most! Support pet guardians with emergency funds so that they can keep their pets. Provide event fees to promote our programs and fundraise. Cover gas costs so we can bring our programs where they’re needed. Provide administrative fees so we can keep doing what we do best. Fund research costs so we can find out what people and pets in Ontario need most!



Keep people and pets together Sponsorships

One of the ways we help keep people and pets together is by providing funds and in kind donations to people facing emergency financial hardship. When someone is experiencing precarity they may have recently lost a job, their house, a partner or be facing a natural disaster or homelessness. We believe all pets and guardians deserve quality care and support, will you help us? All funds go towards helping keep people and pets together, and money is directly sent to a client’s veterinarian to ensure the animal gets the help they need.

Support someone and their pet during an emergency 

This package allows us to provide basic supplies for one pet after a natural disaster (like fire). We’ll provide food, bedding, bowls, toys, litter etc. to help both pet and guardian feel comfy and secure. We also provide referrals to other organization that can assist. 


Provide food for a pet for 1 month

Many people will feed their pets before they feed themselves. We want to make sure both people and pets have full stomachs! Help us feed a pet for one month so their guardian can focus on feeding themselves. We also provide information to our clients about local pet food bank options.


Cost of euthanasia

End of life care is expensive, add precarity into the mix and a heartbreaking situation becomes impossible. Guardians who want to provide end of life care for their pets, including humane euthanasia and cremation need your support. 


Cost of X-rays/ultrasound or other diagnostic tools

In order to determine why a pet isn't feeling, a veterinarian may recommend diagnostic tools which can cost $1000 or more. These tools are essential for figuring out what's wrong and what next steps are needed to helping the pet feel better. Help contribute to the costs of diagnostic testing for one of our clients. 


Support the costs of surgery

Non-routine surgery is extremely expensive but crucial to saving lives. Help a pet get back on their feed and reunite with their guardian for many more years of love. 



Second Hope Circle Program and Administrative Sponsorships

We offer a variety of programs that help bring humane education and resources to people across Ontario! Help us spread the word about the awesome animal organizations doing amazing things in Ontario. Or get us to a new location to provide education to those who want it most!

Send 5 letters

Cover 5 letters to non profit organizations about our programs. We send out carefully crafted postcards that inform social service organizations about our community programs. Our programs give organizations more options for their clients!


Cover gas so that we can install the Travelling Library at a host location

Our Travelling Library has over 300 books not commonly found in traditional libraries. All the titles promote compassion and critical thinking about people, animals and the environment! Help us get our library to more locations across Ontario!


Administrative costs for 1 month

Including web hosting, phone service, postal box, bank fees etc.



Event vendor fee

Help us bring Second Hope Circle to more people! We love attending events because it’s such a great opportunity to meet with people who haven’t heard about our programs yet. Plus we’re able to offer on the ground referrals to people in need. Events also give us an opportunity to fundraise! 



Page last updated March 2020