Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! We are taking a short break to recharge over the holidays, please expect us to respond to your messages and emails the first week of January. Some great resources that may help during our break:

1. Your vet may be able to apply to @thefarleyfoundation on your behalf for help with veterinary costs

2. Petcard.ca is a veterinary financing option.

3. Your local humane society is an excellent resource. Many offer low cost services or can refer you to local organizations.

4. Check out our directory of organizations across the province. https://secondhopecircle.org/need-help/onanimalorganizations/ As always, if your pet is in need of assistance please bring them to a vet

Please use the following contact form if you would like to contact us via email. We try and respond to all emails within 4 business day (sometimes it can be a bit longer though). If you have not received an email after 7 days, feel free to send another email if you are concerned.

If you are contacting us about adopting or re-homing an animal please include your general location and as much information about the animal as possible. You’ll want to fill in our rehoming assistance form. Please note that we are a referral organization, with the exception of our Super Senior Cat Sanctuary program.

If you are contacting us about financial assistance, please make sure you have also submitted a financial assistance application and a quote from your veterinarian.  Please note we cannot provide a quote for medical care as we are not a veterinary clinic. You’ll need to contact your local veterinarian and have your pet assessed.

Want to drop off donations or get them picked up? That can be arranged by getting in touch!

You can also email us: info @ secondhopecircle.org (no spaces)