The Adopter Agrees to:

  • I agree to provide nutritious food, adequate shelter, mental stimulation, care and medical attention to this cat at all times, as per the provisions of the Cruelty to Animals Section of the Criminal Code of Canada.
  • I agree to provide my veterinarian contact information if requested by Second Hope Circle as concerns this animal, and authorize inquiries of my Veterinarian by Second Hope Circle if there is any dispute as to sterilization, vaccination or other follow­up medical care having taken place.
  • I agree and am contractually obligated as follows: I will not subject this cat to any cosmetic or unnecessary surgery including, but not limited to, declawing, ear cropping, tail docking or vocal cord removal, ​unless directed by a licensed veterinarian for reasons related to the health and welfare of the animal.
  • I agree and am contractually obligated as follows: I will keep the cat indoors at all times, unless in an enclosed environment such as a cat run/catio and only if this has been discussed with Second Hope Circle as appropriate for the cat I am adopting.
  • I agree and am contractually obligated as follows to never smoke any substance inside the home or near my adopted cat. This includes but is not limited to marijuana, TCH, cigarettes, E-Cigs, vaping. (This is not applicable to sage burning or smudging)
  • I agree to notify Second Hope Circle immediately if: 1) I change my address at any time 2) if the cat is lost or stolen at any time, or 3) becomes ill within 30 days of the adoption date.
  • I agree to notify the microchip company if the cat is lost or stolen, and will keep the cat’s chip updated with any address and/or phone number changes for the life of the cat. (Microchip company information can be found in the adoption/vet paperwork given to the adopter at the time of adoption)
  • I agree to notify Second Hope Circle immediately if I am unable to keep the cat, with the understanding that Second Hope Circle will assist me in finding a new home, or will place the cat in temporary foster care if a new permanent home is not immediately available. I will not place this animal elsewhere without the express permission of Second Hope Circle.
  • I agree to accept follow­up inquiries on the status of this animal from Second Hope Circle volunteers, and to respond to them in a timely manner.
  • Second Hope Circle cannot guarantee the health, temperament, or behaviour of the animal.
    Please Note: ​Any additional monies donated above the minimum adoption fee are appreciated and will be applied directly to Second Hope Circle’s rescue efforts through Super Senior Cat Sanctuary.
  • Adoption fees are not refundable

Last Updated September 2022