Kaoru – nickname is Kao – pronounced “cow”

STATUS: Permanent Resident

Approximate Date of Birth: 2003


COLOUR:  Brown Tabby

GENDER: Spayed Female


BIO: Kaoru (nickname is Kao – pronounced “cow”) is the sweetest kitty we’ve ever met at the Sanctuary! She loves to sleep in a lap for hours and hours and wants to be with people as much as possible. Kao has some neurological challenges but they don’t effect her very much. These are a result of a previous stroke. She is blind, has a high blood pressure (controlled with medication) and Kidney disease. She’s also battled pancreatitis and upper resp! Despite her many hospital stays, Kao remains the sweetest kitty ever.


STATUS: Long Term Resident

Approximate Date of Birth: 2003


GENDER: Neutered Male

BIO: Kitty came into our care on February 4th 2021. After one weekend in foster care he ended up needing to be rushed to an emergency clinic which ultimately advised us he has cancer. Kitty will remain in his forever foster home who will keep him comfy, happy and loved for the rest of his days. If you would like to become a monthly sponsor to help with Kitty’s ongoing costs, please go to the donate page

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