These kitties came to the Sanctuary and passed while in our care. Sometimes we receive kitties who are already palliative and other times their health conditions have been left untreated for so long that they cannot be reversed. Each kitty is so special and we mourn their passing. A memory garden will be set up in the spring 2022 so that we can always have a place to go to remember their spirits.


Coco came from a animal control after being surrendered when her person died. She was 18+ and loved attention. She had stage 2/3 kidney disease. She adored cheek rubs and lap snuggles. Treat tubes and heated cat beds. Her spirit shone so brightly. We spent our last day together doing all of those things.

Dilly Bean

Dilly was only with us a few months after being seized from a neglectful situation and finding himself in a shelter. I am so so thankful that he had some months of love in a home. Dilly Bean was an incredibly sweet and special cat (I almost named him Sweetness). Always up for a chat and a cuddle and enjoyed playtime, food and cozy chairs. Dilly Bean’s kidney disease rapidly progressed.


Mikey was 17 years old and came with Chichi when their human needed to go to hospice. He was an incredibly handsome, sweet boy. He loved to play and chase toys. His foster mom would throw toys one by one while he ran after each one and never brought them back! When Mikey came he only weighed 5 pounds due to untreated hyperthyroidism. We got this condition under control but unfortunately his kidney disease progressed rapidly and despite hourly care he declined and could not recover. In his last month with us he opened up so much and started coming up for snuggles and following us around. We’ll miss his loud meow and very quiet purr.


Boomer was transferred to us. He had been found as a stray and was not doing well in the shelter. It’s shocking that a 15+ year old cat could be become a stray and remain unclaimed. Especially given his extremely sweet nature. Unfortunately we only knew him for a short time before he became extremely unwell and was rushed to emergency veterinary care, where it was recommended that we help him pass. Boomer was extremely sweet and all he wanted was to be loved. He would sit in a lap for as long as anyone would let him. He loved to play with his laser pointer. He was very very chatty! While he only lived at the Sanctuary a very short time, he was so loved and is greatly missed.


Gus was 14 years old and came to us when he had a euthanasia appointment scheduled. We managed to place him just in time! He was so sweet and and we were able to get him into diabetic remission. He developed some sort of spinal issue and we had a specialist appointment scheduled after standard tests did non reveal the cause. Unfortunately he crashed just days before his appointment. He was rushed to the vet but he was already too far gone. It’s suspected he had cancer. Gus will be remembered for the cutest purr we’ve ever heard that sounded like doves cooing. He loved to make biscuits, had the softest fur and he adored catnip. 


Venus was surrendered when her family moved into non-pet friendly housing. She was 21 years old, blind and had severe arthritis. She also had stage 3 kidney disease. It was determined from the beginning that Venus would stay as a permanent resident at the Sanctuary for the rest of her days. We cared for her 6 months while she enjoyed heated cat beds, face massages and one on one snuggles. She received pain medication, care for her kidney disease and she also went for acupuncture and laser therapy at Southern Ontario Animal Rehabilitation clinic. In the end it’s suspected she had a stroke has she lost the use of her back-legs. We helped her pass with her family in the room so she knew how much she was loved.

Last Updated February 2023