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We always accept general applications. Approved applications are put on our interest list and you will be notified about incoming cats first. If you are interested in a particular cat, please indicate this in your application. 


STATUS: Available!

Approximate Date of Birth: 2005


COLOUR:  Orange

GENDER: Neutered Male

MEDICAL: Johnny has arthritis and stage 2 kidney disease. 


BIO:Johnny is a handsome boy as you can see! He loves being around people and will paw you for attention. We discovered he LOVES the laser pointer! He also likes catnip toys and will rub his face into them.

Johnny came to us when his person died. He is estimated at 16 years old. We brought him in for much needed veterinary care updating and he is now up to date on his vaccinations and has a microchip. He had a nail growing into his paw pad, now fixed and he’s feeling much better!

At this time the only accommodation Johnny needs is pain management for arthritis. Johnny has stage 2 kidney disease and receives once weekly fluids at home. This is easy to provide and we are happy to teach you! He has a lump on his thyroid however we have had this checked multiple times and it is not of concern at this time. Kidney disease does progress over time and your veterinarian can recommend additional care at that point.

Johnny really wants to be with people. He likes nuzzling and rubbing against your legs, getting face rubs and being close. He can jump on the bed and likes to hang out with you there too. Johnny isn’t fussed by taps or showers. He’s not aggressive towards other cats but is cautious. He enjoys the company of one of the cats in his foster home and gives her kisses. Johnny sometimes gives love nips and becomes a bit ‘amorous’ with people as well. He would be fine with cat-experienced children who are older.

This boy would be a wonderful companion who can’t wait spend his days with you! Please fill out an application if you are interested in adopting and we will be in touch as soon as possible.



STATUS: Available!

Approximate Date of Birth: 2004


COLOUR:  Grey and White

GENDER: Neutered Male

MEDICAL: Pending

BIO: Mikey is a sweet old man who came to us looking like a stray. His fur was tufted and dull and he was incredibly skinny. Mikey loves to “chat” and has a big meow. He LOVES his heated cat bad, enjoys catnip and likes looking out windows. He came with Chichi but they are not bonded and would prefer not to be adopted together. 

Mikey recently had a medical assessment which shows he is hyperthyroid. This explains why he is so thin and scruffy looking. We are getting him on medication and hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon! He also has arthritis and is now on pain medication for this. 

He’ll be looking for a home that doesn’t mind his chatty nature, has a nice heated kitty bed for him and will spend time with him. 



STATUS: Pending Medical Assessment

Approximate Date of Birth: 2008


COLOUR:  White

GENDER: Spayed Female

MEDICAL: Pending

BIO: Chichi is a sweetie pie with pretty white fur and light blue eyes. Her eyes have been hard to see because she came to us with horribly infected sore eyes. She’s now on medication for both her eyes and ears and we hope she’ll be feeling her best soon! She came with Mikey but they are not bonded and would prefer not to be adopted together. 

Chichi adores catnip, cozy cave like nap spots and cheek rubs. She is a little less confident than Mikey and will need time to settle in. Chichi has osteoarthritis and walks in an unusual way because of this. She’s now on pain meds and we hope this will help soon! Chichi also has a sore mouth and she’ll be getting a dental in February to help her mouth feel better (cost covered by us). 


Courtesy Post Cats

Please note these cats are not in our care. We are posting them for organizations and guardians to help facilitate an adoption. If you are interested in adopting any of these cats, please follow the directions provided with each cat on next steps. Cats may be located anywhere in Ontario and likewise we accept applications from anywhere in Ontario. We can help facilitate transportation if needed.



STATUS: Available

Approximate Date of Birth: 2005


GENDER: Neutered Male

Petfinder profile:

TO ADOPT: Please fill out our Adoption Application. We will contact your references, vet clinic and do a phone interview. The information will be passed on to Jake’s guardian so they can decide if your home is a good fit for him. We can help facilitate transportation if needed.

BIO: “Jake’s a sociable, easy going cat. He likes attention, will sit in your lap, and sleep beside you in bed. He’s still active, likes to play with his toys. He prefers to be near people, will spend the day in whatever room people are. Jake takes Cisapride and Lactulose daily. He needs to eat mainly canned food.”
Located in Sarnia. We can help facilitate transport if needed. Jake is not in our care, but we are helping to find him a home. Please fill out our Adoption Application. We will contact your references, vet clinic and do a phone interview. The information will be passed on to Jake’s guardian so they can decide if your home is a good fit for him. 



If you’re interested in adopting any of the cats listed above (or any future cats!!, please fill out an application, we’d love to chat with you about the delights of caring for a super senior! You can also view our adoptable cats on Petfinder.

Adoption Application

If you don’t see a kitty that would be a good fit for your family, consider signing up for our adoption interest list! You’ll receive an email anytime we have a new kitty available for adoption, and if we think one of our kitties is an excellent match for you we’ll email you directly. Please fill out an adoption application prior to signing up for the interest list.

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Last updated January 2022