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Kiki and Gracie


Approximate Date of Birth: 2005 and 2007

ARRIVAL DATE: August 4th, 2020

BREED: Domestic Short Hair

COLOUR: Kiki is black, Gracie is a dilute calico tabby (caliby)

GENDER: Spayed females

ADOPTION DONATION: $250 together or $125 individually

MEDICAL: Both girls have good blood work results! They do both need some dental work which is being scheduled. Gracie has some itchy skin which is being treated. Kiki needs to lose some weight which she is doing through diet and play.

Petfinder Profiles: Kiki | Gracie

BIO: Kiki and Gracie are gorgeous girls who came to us when their human passed away. The family moved mountains to make sure they found a safe place to hang out until a forever home could be found. They even made sure they had a full veterinary work up. We have co-rescued them with All Creatures Rescue, an amazing organization whom we adore!

The girls settled in quickly and are showing us their wonderful personalities. They love to play; chasing strings and wand toys around. They also love catnip, snuggly beds and sunny windows. Kiki likes to snuggle under blankets which is really cute. Gracie is very confident and loves to explore everything! Gracie is suspected to be Kiki’s mom, when they were adopted way back when this is what the shelter advised their owner. They are comfortable living together, but we feel they could also live separately. Gracie swats at Kiki and vice versa if they’re annoying each other. They occasionally give kisses to each other, but usually sleep in separate areas.

We are working on introducing them to the rest of the gang at the sanctuary. Kiki is more reserved about this than Gracie. Kiki gives big hisses when she sees other cats and dogs and will likely prefer to either live with Gracie or without any animals. Gracie is more tolerant as long as they are respectful and give her space. As with any cat, we recommend very slow introductions between animals and patience, something we can discuss with you.

Gracie can be petted all over, she isn’t particular! She drools when she’s happy (which may also be due to her teeth) and she will follow people around for attention. Kiki is more reserved and waits for you to come visit her. She loves cheek rubs and attention, but would prefer you don’t touch her sides, tummy or paws. Just her back and head purrlease! Likewise, Kiki prefers to keep her paws on the ground, and Gracie is a bit more accommodating of being picked up. Both are super loving!

We are now accepting applications for the girls. They do need dental work but depending on potential adoptive homes, we may be able to offer a foster-to-adopt placement. Meaning they could go home but the adoption would not be finalized until after their dentals (covered by us).

Milo and Ull – Courtesy Post


Approximate Date of Birth: 2007

BREED: Domestic Medium Hair


GENDER: Neutered Males

ADOPTION DONATION: To be determined by Owner

MEDICAL:  Their owner will be bringing them to the vet shortly to get a full health assessment.

BIO: Milo and Ull’s owner is going through some major health things right now and can no longer take care of Milo and Ull, she wants to a find a home by the end of the year. Milo loves Ull very much and the boys would need to be placed together.

Ull currently has no health concerns. He’s been stressed recently by changes at home and has been a bit more grumpy, however he is still an affectionate boy. Milo sometimes pees outside the box, but if his cat boxes are kept very clean it rarely happens. Milo is a chatty boy and meows when he’s looking for All or his people.


If you’re interested in adopting any of the cats listed above, please fill out an application, we’d love to chat with you about the challenges and delights of caring for a super senior! You can also view our adoptable cats on Petfinder.

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