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We always accept general applications. Approved applications are put on our interest list and you will be notified about incoming cats first. If you are interested in a particular cat, please indicate this in your application. 



STATUS: Available!

Approximate Date of Birth: 2005


COLOUR:  Orange

GENDER: Neutered Male

MEDICAL: Johnny has arthritis and stage 2 kidney disease. 


BIO:Johnny is a handsome boy as you can see! He loves being around people and will paw you for attention. We discovered he LOVES the laser pointer! He also likes catnip toys and will rub his face into them.

Johnny came to us when his person died. He is estimated at 15+ years old. We brought him in for much needed veterinary care updating and he is now up to date on his vaccinations and has a microchip. He had a nail growing into his paw pad, now fixed and he’s feeling much better now!

At this time the only accommodation Johnny needs is pain management for arthritis. Johnny has stage 2 kidney disease. He has a lump on his thyroid however we have had this checked multiple times and it is not of concern at this time. Kidney disease does progress over time and your veterinarian can recommend additional care at that point.

Johnny really wants to be with people. He likes nuzzling and rubbing against your legs, getting face rubs and being close. He can jump on the bed and likes to hang out with you there too. Johnny isn’t fussed by taps or showers. He’s not aggressive towards other cats but is cautious. He enjoys the company of one of the cats in his foster home and gives her kisses. Johnny sometimes gives love nips and becomes a bit ‘amorous’ with people as well. He would be fine with cat-experienced children who are older.

This boy would be a wonderful companion who can’t wait spend his days with you! Please fill out an application if you are interested in adopting and we will be in touch as soon as possible.



STATUS: Available!

Approximate Date of Birth: 2007


COLOUR:  White and Orange

GENDER: Neutered Male

MEDICAL: Diabetic in diet controlled remission. 


BIO: Gus is 14 years old. He had a euthanasia appointment schedule and we managed to place him just in time! He’s so sweet. Gus was declawed previously. He uses his litter box well and loves to play!

Gus is in diet controlled diabetic remission! Woohoo! This means that although he is still diabetic (and always will be), he does not currently need insulin! He’ll need weekly at home blood glucose testing (which is easy to do and we’ll show you how!) to ensure his levels stay where they should. He’ll need to eat a low carb high protein canned food diet and cannot get into another pet’s food (even one bite). For this reason if you have another cat they would also need to eat the same food as Gus. Wet food is great for hydration and preventing diabetes and kidney disease! (Raw food or home cooked is also an option).

Gus is in good health. He has some muscle wasting which will improve with diet and now that he’s in remission.

As with all senior cats he’ll go twice yearly to your vet for blood work and physical examination.

Gus gets spooked by loud noises and unfamiliar people, he is an expert at finding sneaky hiding places! He may be able to live with another cat given slow and careful introductions. The first foster home he was in said he loves kittens! So far he’s nervous of adult cats but not aggressive.

Gus has the CUTEST purr you’ve ever heard. It sounds like doves cooing and he purrs very loudly. He loves snuggles and being groomed. He even LOVES belly rubs! Gus is a wonderful companion that wants to spend his days in a quiet home with sunny windows and a warm lap.


STATUS: Pending Medical Assessment

Approximate Date of Birth: 2003


COLOUR:  Brown Tabby

GENDER: Spayed Female

MEDICAL: Pending

BIO: Kaoru (nickname is Kao – pronounced “cow”) is the sweetest kitty we’ve ever met at the Sanctuary! She loves to sleep in a lap for hours and hours and wants to be with people as much as possible. Kao seems to have some cognitive or neurological challenges but they don’t effect her very much. She has a slight head tilt and odd way of moving around. She seems to have some vision loss and cannot jump, but she does climb sometimes! Kao is indifferent to other animals but given how much attention she craves, she’ll need a home that can devote a lot of time to her. She does cry loudly if left alone for too long. Once she has her intake medical appointment we hope Kao can be available for adoption! 


Courtesy Post Cats

Please note these cats are not in our care. We are posting them for organizations and guardians to help facilitate an adoption. If you are interested in adopting any of these cats, please follow the directions provided with each cat on next steps. Cats may be located anywhere in Ontario and likewise we accept applications from anywhere in Ontario. We can help facilitate transportation if needed.


STATUS: Available

Approximate Date of Birth: 2011


GENDER: Neutered Male

TO ADOPT: Please contact Home At Last Rescue if you are interested in adopting Romeo. You will need to go through their adoption process.

BIO: ‘O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo’?

Hey! I’m right here! Can’t you see me? I’m the handsome, long haired tabby waiting right here for you. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 10 years young – still just a pup. See my long, flowing fur? It’s smooth as silk! I got myself a nice lion cut shave for the summer and because I had some mats, but it’s growing in just beautifully! I LOVE massages. Please, go ahead and massage me all over. I’m not at all rambunctious. I’m more the shy, quiet type and relaxing in my tent is where you’ll often find me. My meow is so quiet, you’ll hardly hear me at all. I like to play, especially with those wand toys. I had a roommate at my foster house for a week and you know what? I didn’t mind it at all! I think I’d like to have another cat buddy to hang out with.

So, here’s my story. I was found as a stray and brought to that place called animal services. Turns out, they said I had something called diabetes. I went to a foster home with this really nice lady who knew exactly what to do to help me. She did give me something called insulin for a bit, but then she switched me to a food called Fancy Feast. You know the one? It’s like the least expensive one out there and you can get it anywhere. Anyway, she feeds me this stuff – there are a few different flavours I can have – and guess what? Just like many, many other diabetic cats, I’m in what they call remission! That means as long as I just eat this stuff, every six hours, I’ll stay in remission! That’s not hard at all, right? I just had my bloodwork done and guess what – it’s all perfect! No sign of diabetes!

Because I’ve been in remission for some time now, I’m ready to find my own forever home! What do you say? Do you want to be my Juliet? Or whatever your name is. What’s in a name after all, right? All you have to do is contact the people at the rescue and they’ll hook us up with a meeting.



If you’re interested in adopting any of the cats listed above (or any future cats!!, please fill out an application, we’d love to chat with you about the delights of caring for a super senior! You can also view our adoptable cats on Petfinder.

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