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Approximate Date of Birth: 2007

ARRIVAL DATE: August 4th, 2020

BREED: Domestic Short Hair


GENDER: Spayed female


MEDICAL: Kiki just had a dental on November 7th so her mouth is doing great. Kiki needs to lose some weight which she is doing through diet and play.

Petfinder Profiles: Kiki

BIO: My name is Kiki and I know you’ll fall in love me double quick! I’m a beautiful girl with big eyes and silky black fur. My previous owner passed away and I lived with his friend for a bit until he wasn’t able to care for me any longer. My owner’s family did so much to make sure I found a safe place to hang out until I could find my forever home! They got me a vet appointment before coming into the shelter and found out my blood work is great! I did have some matts which were shaved out, but my fur is growing back now. My teeth do need a cleaning and it is scheduled for November.

The humans are helping me lose some weight so I can be in tippity-top condition. Luckily I love to play so I think it’ll be a piece of cake! I love to swat at wand toys, grab bookmarks while the human is reading and kick catnip logs Rawr! I love to snuggle under blankets which people think is really cute.

I live with Gracie who is my mom. We get along most of the time, but sometimes I need my space. Parents can be so annoying! We’d be happy to be adopted together but can also be adopted separately. I’m not very keen on other cats or dogs. I give them a big hiss to show them who’s boss. The Sanctuary is trying to show me that other animals can be friends, but I’d really prefer they all go away! I have met a tiny human and didn’t mind them, they played with me and gave me gentle pats.

I love to get cheek rubs and pats along my back, but prefer you don’t touch my sides, stomach or paws. I tolerate being picked up most of the time but really prefer to keep my paws on the ground. Cats weren’t meant to fly around in the air you know!

The Sanctuary is a nice place to be but I’m really looking forward to getting adopted and enjoying all the attention! I know I’ll make a great companion, after all I’m awesome!


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Last updated November 2020