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STATUS: Available!

Approximate Date of Birth: 2007


COLOUR:  Black

GENDER: Spayed Female

MEDICAL: Overweight. Being heavy, Louise needs help to lose some weight. Excess weight can eventually cause other medical concerns like arthritis, heart disease and diabetes so it’s important she continues to get to her ideal weight. Her weight also causes some constipation which is easily managed with over the counter “restorolax” added to her wet food. She will need to be maintained on wet food only and have access to lots of fresh water (we recommend cat water fountains to all adopters). 

BIO: Louise is a sweet girl who is 13 years or older in age. She came from a loving home with an older couple. Louise has lived with another cat before, neither cat really interacted. Louise would be comfortable with another cat friend or two as long as they aren’t too pushy. She has met other cats in her foster home and tries to approach them without hissing.

Louise is shy at first and will hide in new situations. Once she feels more comfortable and safe she enjoys exploring her surroundings. She really enjoys pats and attention from people as long as you go to her. In her previous home she would get on the bed and spend time with her people. Louise loves belly rubs and will flop over for them! She also likes to “chat” with you and has cute meows.

Louise does not have any health concerns beyond her weight. Her adoptive home will need to help her loose weight slowly so that future health concerns do not arise. Currently Louise’s mobility is affected by her weight, however this is improving every day. Pet stairs help her join you on the couch or bed when she feels ready! Due to her weight Louise was having trouble grooming herself and came to us with many matts. She had to have her back shaved and the fur is growing back in. Due to her weight, Louise sometimes gets constipated. Simple over the counter “restorolax” helps with this along with providing a cat water fountain and feeding a wet food only diet (which we recommend for all seniors!)

Louise loves to play. She moves crinkle balls and pompoms overnight and she loves the laser pointer and wand toys. This will be a great way to help encourage her to get up and moving!

Louise is looking for a patient and quiet home. She’ll need time to settle in and feel safe. Once she does, she blossoms into the sweetest girl! Whoever adopts this cutie will be truly blessed to have her in their life.



STATUS: Long Term Resident

Approximate Date of Birth: 2003


GENDER: Neutered Male

BIO: Kitty came into our care on February 4th 2021. After one weekend in foster care he ended up needing to be rushed to an emergency clinic which ultimately advised us he has cancer. Kitty will remain in a forever foster home who will keep him comfy, happy and loved for the rest of his days. If you would like to become a monthly sponsor to help with Kitty’s ongoing costs, please go to the donate page


Courtesy Post Cats

Please note these cats are not in our care. We are posting them for organizations and guardians to help facilitate an adoption. If you are interested in adopting any of these cats, please follow the directions provided with each cat on next steps. Cats may be located anywhere in Ontario and likewise we accept applications from anywhere in Ontario. We can help facilitate transportation if needed. 


Needs Placement: End of February

Approximate Date of Birth: Unknown, he is a senior

BREED: DSH / Black


Medical: Unknown

BIO: He is VERY friendly and enjoys attention. He is laid back and enjoys being in the room with the other cats, letting older and younger cats/kittens sleep with him.

Next steps: Please fill in an adoption application online. Completed applications are forwarded on to the guardian so that they can determine if it’s a good fit. 

Jack aka Ben



If you’re interested in adopting any of the cats listed above, please fill out an application, we’d love to chat with you about the challenges and delights of caring for a super senior! You can also view our adoptable cats on Petfinder.

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Last updated February 2021