Helping people, pets and nonprofit organizations in Ontario through humane education, community programs and financial aid.

Our Mission and goals:

– Develop and implement community programs that increases pet retention in Ontario

-Provide opportunities and programs that bring humane education to people across Ontario

– Provide resources and aid to shelters and rescues

– Provide informative resources to pet guardians

– Promote responsible pet guardianship, pet retention and encourage adoption from shelters/rescues

– Provide emergency financial aid to member organizations and pet guardians in Ontario

– Help people in Ontario adopt and foster pets from rescues/shelters in their area

– Provide support to the public and Ontario’s pet owners through resources, education and by answering pet related and emergency questions via email


We Believe:

– Animals should be adopted from shelters/rescues, rather than purchased from pet stores

– Responsible pet guardianship includes spaying and neutering pets when safe to do so by a veterinarian

– Pets should be cared for their entire lives, they are not disposable. pets are often abandoned because a child loses interest, a new baby or pet joins the family, people move or an allergy develops. These should be taken into account before the adoption of a new pet, not after.

– If an animal is to be re-homed due to unavoidable circumstances it should not be done over the Internet where potential adopters cannot be screened. Animals should be given to a trusted friend/family member, returned to the shelter/rescue where they were adopted, returned to the breeder they were bought from or surrendered to a reputable rescue or shelter.

– Breed standards can be important but we do not believe in unnecessary medical procedures like tail docking/ear clipping

– Unless medically relevant, cats should not be declawed and we believe that dogs should not have their voiceboxes removed.

– The transportation of animals should only occur nationally, not internationally. Unless medically relevant, we do not believe in transporting animals into Canada from other countries. If Organizations would like to assist other countries, they should focus their resources on developing programs in those countries instead of shipping animals out.

– Everyone is responsible for helping those who cannot help themselves. Even small acts of kindness can make a huge difference! Fostering, volunteering, adopting, donating and word of mouth are all great ways that you can help pets in your community.


Some of Our Current Projects and Initiatives :

Each item refers to our mission and how the program helps to achieve it.

– Continuing to respond to emails from the public and attend events. This enables us to direct people to appropriate organizations and resources that can help them adopt, surrender or seek pet related financial assistance. This helps us serve our mission to educate.

– ‘Kijij Out Reach‘ is a project started to reach out to people who may not know what resources are available to them. We check Kijiji and other classified pet boards for Ontario and email people that have lost/found pets, want to adopt or surrender or are otherwise seeking pet related assistance. This helps us serve our mission to provide humane education and resources to those that need it most.

– Our World Spay Day initiative is an invitation to all veterinary hospitals in Ontario. There are 1300+ clinics in Ontario currently registered with the College of Veterinarians Ontario and we email as many as possible in the month of February to invite them to participate. Spay Day occurs on February 25th and we provide a report after that date on how many spay/neuters we were able to help inspire through our invitation and support! This helps us serve our mission to decrease the number of animals euthanized each year and help spay/neuter initiatives.

– In order to help reunite lost pets with their owners and hopefully also reduce the number of pets ending up in shelters, we now run 3 lost pets pages on Facebook. Guelph Lost Pets helps people living in Guelph and the surrounding area. Oakville and Mississauga Lost Pets helps people living in Oakville and the surrounding area. Muskoka Lost Pets helps pets living within a large range around Muskoka Ontario. Each of these areas was chosen because there was little to no representation of these locations on current lost pet pages and because we have a volunteer that lives in each of these areas. This helps us serve our mission to decrease the number of animals euthanized each year. The more pets being reunited with their guardians, the less pets entering animal rescues and shelters.

– Providing the most comprehensive list of Ontario’s animal organizations on the Internet. With over 500 organizations listed you won’t find a more detailed or inclusive list! We are providing this free resource to help us serve our mission to provide resources to those that need it most and support Ontario rescues and shelters.

The Travelling Closet, a program dedicated to helping rescues and shelters get great photos of their adoptable pets! We’ve started it in the hopes of increasing adoptions of pets in Ontario. Cute, funny and well taken photos increase adoptions. We loan out costumes, props and photography tips and send them along with a volunteer photographer to animal rescues and shelters across Ontario. Read more here and consider donating your photography talents or chauffeur skills! This helps us serve our mission to promote adoptable special needs pets in Ontario.

The Travelling Library is a program to spread free resources and books with a humane education focus. The Library visits nonprofit organizations, local businesses, community centres and schools. By sharing free and accessible resources with those who ask, we serve our mission to provide education, resources and kindness to animals. This also helps us serve our mission of helping rescues and shelters in Ontario.


Page Last updated July, 2016