Q: I can’t afford vet care, food or supplies for my pet, can you help? 
A: We have a list of organizations that help pet guardians with veterinary costs. We also have a list of fundraising ideas that you may be able to utilize. Check out the Pet Financial Factsheet for more information or email us for the most up to date information. We also offer assistance when funds allow. Please fill in a Covid19 Assistance Request for smaller needs like pet food, medication, transportation etc. Please fill in a Financial Assistance Request for larger needs like veterinary care and behavioural training.

Q: I want a quote for veterinary care.
A: We are not a vet clinic and cannot provide quotes for veterinary care of any kind including dental work. You’ll need to speak with your veterinarian and get your pet assessed. Costs are dependent on a variety of factors and can vary greatly depending on the age, breed, size, gender and severity of medical needs.

Q: I am an educator/community group, will you come and talk at my school/organization?
A: Yes! We have a variety of educational lessons and presentations for all ages. We can also work with you to develop something specific for your needs. At the moment we can provide presentations within an hour or Guelph, Oakville and London Ontario. Presentations are given by donation. Contact us.

Q: Is SHC a rescue or shelter?
A: Neither, Second Hope Circle helps people and pets stay together when they are experiencing poverty and precarity. We provide services to help people and pets stay together, reduce the number of animals entering shelters and share resources and information with those that need it most. We do have a program called Super Senior Cat Sanctuary, which can sometimes help rehome cat age 14+.

Q: Will you help me re-home my pet?
A: We will do everything in our power to do the best for you and your pet. We first work with you to see if there is anyway we can help you and your pet stay together. We do not pass judgement and understand there are sometimes unavoidable situations. We can direct you to the shelters and rescues closest to your area (in Ontario) so that you may get in touch with them. Check out our page about one on one consultations and remember to provide your general location.

Q: Will you help me find a pet to adopt?
A: Yes! Second Hope Circle would love to help you find your furry best friend (within Ontario)! Please contact us and let us know your general location and what species (cat, dog, rabbit, horse etc.). You will then receive a list of rescues and shelters within your area as well as their contact info. We hope you’ll come back and tell us all about your new family member!

Q: I want to spay/neuter/microchip/vaccinate my pet but I can’t afford it… can you help?
A: We will try! We have a list of spay/neuter/microchip clinics in Ontario and will hopefully be able to direct you to one located close to you. Check out the Pet Financial Factsheet for more information or email us for the most up to date information. If there are no clinics near you, we will direct you to animal organizations near you, they may have a program or know a local vet clinic that can help.

Q: My pet is missing… what do I do?
A: Please see our lost/found pet resources page for a list of websites that post pets in Ontario. You can also contact us for even more organizations. We encourage you to put up posters (Helping Lost Pets generates a poster when you put your pet on their website) in your neighbourhood, pet stores, vet clinics and other public spaces (grocery stores, library etc.) Consider posting an ad in your local paper. You can contact us for even more ideas. If your pet has special needs we will courtesy post them on our Facebook page.

Q: I want to volunteer with animals, will you help me?
A: Yes! Let us know what kind of things you would be interested in doing and your general location and we’ll send you a list of places you can volunteer!

Q: Can I volunteer for Second Hope Circle?
A: Yes! We are happy to have all the help we can get! Please note that the majority of our volunteer jobs are online based. This means you will need reliable internet access and will not be working directly with animals. We want to make sure you have a great experience so we will work hard to find a volunteer job that suits your skills and interests. Jobs could include helping update social media, planning/hosting a fundraiser, helping to advertise, using your artistic talents, website skills, and more! Contact us to get started.

Q: Why do we use the term ‘guardian’ instead of ‘owner’ throughout the website?
It’s an important distinction because animals are not objects. By using the term ownership we inadvertently imply that an animal is no more important than a piece of furniture. A guardian is one who defends and protects but does not control or dictate. We make decisions for our pets everyday, just as we do for our children. We do not own children; we care for them. Unfortunately the laws in Ontario and throughout the world generally see animals as no more than objects that we can do with as we will. When you start thinking of yourself as a guardian you’ll find your perspective shifts. Want to talk about this concept more? We’d love to!

**This statistic is from personal communication with local animal shelters. In fact, the Canadian Federation of Humane Society states that 5% of the total number of cats entering shelters are returned to their guardian. This is from the Cats in Canada Report published in 2017.

Page last updated February 2021